There are millions of Americans managing over $1,400,000,000,000 in outstanding student loan debt principal in the US today and the vast majority of them are repaying their loans in the wrong way. Bobby Matson, founder and CEO of Payitoff, joins Simon to talk about how, with the use of advanced algorithms and technology, certain advisors' clients can know learn what is the most optimal and efficient way to pay down their loans, learn about refinancing, map out refinancing scenarios where apporopriate and get into good investing habits along the way. 






Shannon McNulty, CFP® is an estate planning attorney with a specialty in the multitude of sometimes terrifying issues that particularly affect foreign nationals in the field of estate planning, particularly those recently arrived and who may not be long term residents. Who is most affected? What are some of the truly catastrophic consequences of not fully understanding the rules? What, if anything can be done to prepare for these consequences?

If you are moving, or have recently moved, to the United States, you need to do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast.




Laura Cowan, Esq, founder and owner of The Law Office of Laura E. Cowan in Manhattan, sits down with Simon and talks about why pretty much everyone needs to have an estate plan in place. It's not just about where your money and other assets go but also making preparations for an unforeseen health crisis, what to think about when naming guardians for your kids and what happens to all those user names, passwords and logins when you die. Laura explains the process, but more importantly, brings up issues you may not have thought of but definitely need to consider, regardless of your age or level of wealth.




Ross Karp, founder of 3P Insurance Services and the MNG Networking organization, joins Simon for a discussion about why life insurance is often viewed as a slimy business, how to network in New York City and how not to network in New York City and absolutely nothing about the third thing he does. 





In another companion podcast to a blog post and published article, Simon talks about how waiting before you start an investment plan can cost you heavily and breaks down exactly how much of an advantage can be gained by starting right now.




In a companion podcast to a blog post and Investopedia article, Simon discusses the irrefutabe data that shows why picking individual stocks in which to invest is an inferior and riskier strategy than using index funds and ETFs. This riled up a lot of deluded daytraders!


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Just a couple of months in to the existence of Anglia Advisors, Simon was invited on to the Potentially Human podcast by Alexandra Janelli and Aubrey Levitt to talk about the vision he had for his practice, what kind of clients he was looking to help and what both the firm and the competition would look like if they were actually human.